177 Sold

Distribution of 27% cashback for 7 lucky AGC owners that are within the Top 77 contributors

277 Sold

Giving away 0.07 ETH to one random Ancient God owner every day for 7 days.

377 Sold

Creation of community wallet with 2,7 ETH of initial funding that will be used for the growth of community. All spending from the wallet will be community driven.

477 Sold

Distribution of 17% cashback for 17 lucky AGC owners that are within the Top 177 Contributors.

577 Sold

Owners of the 6 Holiday Edition Gods receive 0.17 ETH each.

677 Sold

Initiate preparation of an exclusive virtual event for AGC holders. Heavenly door prizes and grand prize will be available.

777 Sold

Giving away 1.7 ETH to the owner of Ethereal Advanced Species.



Cross-Chain Airdrop

Hold AGC, earn $NEBU passive income on Polygon. Hold longer, earn more.

Chamber of Gods

Meet and chat between Ancient Gods. Vote for the future.

Market District

Mint upcoming collections using $NEBU to drive up token demand.


Stake $NEBU, earn thousands of % APY. OlympusDAO economics with extra twists.


Earn $NEBU from Play to Earn blockchain mini-games using NFTs.

The Portal

Bridge $NEBU between Polygon and Ethereum for cross-chain mints.


Introducing Netjer Labs


The God of All Seeing Eyes

Lifelong learner. Dual MSc in Project Economics & Management.


The God of Arts

Master of many art styles. 10 Years in the gaming industry as art director.


The God of Technology

8+ years of fullstack software engineering for various industries.


The God of Chains

Coding nerd, node.js expert, certified Ethereum developer.


The God of Whispers

Long-time crypto investor, seasoned crypto marketer.


The God of Growth

12 years of experience as sales executive. AGC’s marketing expert.


The God of Community

Full-time dad, crypto investor and trader. Community builder.


The God of Aesthetics

Part-time grad student, full-time artist. Designing cool stuffs for fun.


  • Set Up Metamask

    (Credits to Every Bit Helps)
  • Withdraw Ethereum from Binance to Metamask

    (Credits to Johannes – Freedom Hacking)
  • Mint an Ancient God

    - When minting is live, “Mint Now” button will appear on the top of this page.
    - Click on “Mint Now” button
    - Connect your Metamask wallet, ensure that you are on Ethereum network
    - Select the number of Ancient Gods you want to mint
    - Click on “Mint” button

We want to have a fair launch. Everyone pays an equal price of 0.077 ETH, both during presale and general mint.

As we highly value our community, you can join the whitelist by being an active member within our community. Join Discord for more information!

  • Round 1: Cashback amount of 27% with maximum of 0.077 ETH per wallet. 7 cashback recipients will be randomly chosen from the top ranked 77 members.
  • Round 2: Cashback amount of 17% with maximum of 0.037 ETH per wallet. 17 cashback recipients will be randomly chosen from the top ranked 177 members.
  • Cashback recipients also need to own at least 1 Ancient God. Netjer Labs will cross-check the amount of AGC owned by each whitelisted address.
  • Winners of Round 1 are still eligible to participate in Round 2.

A lot of exciting stuff are being planned. Being an AGC holder provides exclusive access to future collections that will incorporate gamified finance, DeFi staking and more.

The ancient Egyptians revered 7 as a lucky number, because it was the number of planets they could see in the sky. The number 7 was also the Egyptian symbol of perfection, effectiveness, and completeness.